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review of The Unknown Known

April 8, 2014  •  Tablet Magazine

Errol Morris Talked to Rumsfeld for 33 Hours. All He Got Was 'The Unknown Known.'

Errol Morris tweets. When he's not creating Oscar-winning documentaries, writing long-form essays and books, two of which are coming out in paperback later this year, making over a thousand often fabulous commercials for Apple, Taco Bell, Exxon, Acura, Citibank, Southern Comfort, and dozens of other companies listed on his website, he has found time to post 3,220 tweets in just over 15 months. Morris has 46,500 followers—not exactly Lindsay Lohan's 8 million, but a respectable cult following. Lohan claims to follow 319 people. Morris follows no one.

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Free Jonathan Pollard?
Team Obama's misguided Middle East gambit

April 2, 2014  •  Fox News

Every now and then the Obama administration comes up with a truly bone-headed idea. Consider the latest: offering to free convicted American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard as a "sweetener" to encourage Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians to continue the still deadlocked Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Say what?

In floating this potential offer to rescue the peace process– which contrary to current impression is still alive, if not well -- Secretary of State John Kerry and his boss have managed the near-impossible: Not often do the editorial pages of the liberal New York Times and the conservative New York Sun, the on-line journal, agree, albeit for polar opposite reasons.

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Syria's lost generation
Who will save the children?

March 18, 2014  •  Fox News

The slaughter in Syria began with children -- and continues with them. According to a new United Nations report, more than 10,000 Syrian children have died in the conflict, probably an underestimate, the U.N. concludes. Almost three million children in Syria and neighboring countries are unable to attend school, about half Syria's school-age population. More than a third of Syrian children are no longer living in their homes or communities.

"Syria is now one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a child," states the new report "Under Siege" a 20-page study by UNICEF, which describes in chilling statistics and anecdotal accounts the devastating impact of Syria's three-year-old civil war on the most defenseless of victims.

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'Omar' and 'Bethlehem' Tell the Same Story - But Only One Was Nominated for an Oscar

March 5, 2014  •  Tablet Magazine

Both the Israeli and Palestinian nominees for best foreign film this year focused on the highly complex relationship between Palestinian informers and their Israeli handlers, agents of Israel's Shin Bet (its General Security Services). Omar and Bethlehem are both infused with the frustration and pessimism endemic in so much of the Middle East since the Arab Spring's failure to meet its predominately young advocates' expectations; both open ominously with the sound of gunfire, and both end badly for their major characters. Both share the same U.S. distributor–Adopt Films, a two-and-a-half-year old, New York-based company that bought the U.S. rights after seeing both films at the Toronto International Film Festival. Filmed a year apart—Bethlehem came first—the films' directors used some of the same equipment, in short supply in Israel, and even some of the same actors.

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Collaborate and Adapt

March 4, 2014  •  City Journal

In his maiden speech as New York's 42nd police commissioner, William J. Bratton vowed today to continue driving down crime rates and protecting the city from terrorist attack while making the New York Police Department the most "collaborative" force in the nation. "There's too much at stake to fight," Bratton told some 200 supporters and guests at the Police Foundation's annual fundraising breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in midtown Manhattan—his first substantive address as head of the department he is leading for the second time in its history.

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