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Has the Trump-era made us numb to outrage?
Americans should be very upset about these 4 things

May 19, 2019  •  Fox News

Where is the prophetic cry from "Network's" Howard Beale, "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore"?

One theory is that the Trump administration has simply exhausted America's capacity outrage that noble sentiment, so vital to democratic rule.

Consider the following.


Being Boeing seems to mean that you never have to say you're culpable for the deaths of 346 people from crashing 737 MAX airliners.

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Police raid on Calif. journalist appears to violate state and federal law

May 15, 2019  •  Fox News

Police officers and FBI agents who visited freelance journalist Bryan Carmody's San Francisco home in April couldn't have been more polite. Would he mind telling them who leaked him a copy of the police report about the mysterious death of Jeff Adachi, the city's public defender?

Carmody was equally polite, he told me. But firm. No, he would not betray the source who gave him a copy of the controversial report.

The next visit by law enforcement officers was not as polite. Carmody told me that shortly after 8 a.m. Friday nearly a dozen cops and FBI agents showed up at his home with a sledgehammer and weapons. They broke through his front gate and would have broken down his front door had he not rushed to let them in.

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Is a Military Confrontation Between the United States and Iran Becoming Inevitable?

May 15, 2019  •  Carnegie Middle East Center

President Donald Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran has increased economic pressure on Teheran and tensions in the Gulf, but it does not make war inevitable. White House hardliners may argue that enhanced American pressure will either bring about regime change in Iran—their unarticulated goal—or force an end to Iran's aggression toward its neighbors and the United States. Just as the late ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini eventually relented under pressure and drank the "poisoned chalice" to end the barbaric Iraq-Iran war launched by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the hawks argue, his successor will eventually yield to American pressure.

This is wishful thinking, not a strategy.

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NYU stands up to the Israel-haters

May 10, 2019  •  The New York Post

It's not unusual these days for Israel to be denounced on college campuses as a racist state that should be boycotted for its mistreatment of Palestinians and other violations of human rights. But New York University's response last week to such a call is unusual, and hopeful.

Soon after an NYU department overwhelmingly approved a resolution urging "non-cooperation" with NYU's own satellite campus in Tel Aviv, NYU and 237 of its faculty, including the deans of the schools of business and engineering, signed an online petition denouncing the resolution as a violation of academic freedom. The university also publicly and privately lambasted its own department's action.

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Trump sends Iran a message with military moves in the Middle East -- let's hope Iran hears him

May 7, 2019  •  Fox News

Soon after the White House announced Sunday that it was sending an aircraft carrier strike group and Air Force bombers to the Middle East, the Twittersphere erupted with anxious posts about whether the redeployment means that the U.S. is preparing to strike Iran. As evidence, critics have cited both the harsh tone of the message and the identity of the messenger.

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