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The Illiberal Liberal Media

July 14, 2020  •  City Journal

What New York Times contributing editor and writer Bari Weiss recently called the "civil war" within the Times has just claimed another victim: Bari Weiss.

In a scathing open letter to publisher A. G. Sulzberger that instantly went viral on Twitter and other social media, Weiss asserted that she was resigning to protest the paper's failure to defend her against internal and external bullying; senior editors' abandonment of the paper's ostensible commitment to publishing news and opinion that stray from an ideological orthodoxy; and the capitulation of many Times reporters and senior editors to the prevailing intolerance of far-Left mobs on Twitter, which she called the paper's "ultimate editor."

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Censorship Spiral
Banning controversial content is deadly to a vibrant culture - and must be resisted.

June 16, 2020  •  City Journal

In a flash, Gone with the Wind, the 1939 American film classic, was gone. So, too, was Cops, the pro-cop reality show about to start its 33rd season until Paramount Network banished it. Days later, A&E pulled from its schedule Live P.D., which follows cops on the job. All three have fallen victim to the prevailing politically correct winds that have already engulfed journalism, causing senior staff shifts at the New York Times, ABC News, Variety, Bon Appetit, and Refinery 29, among other less well-known outlets.

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The Virus, the Riots, and the Press

June 10, 2020  •  City Journal

It's hardly shocking that some of the world's most ruthless autocrats have used the Covid-19 pandemic to justify media repression. It was predictable, for example, that China would use the global health crisis, and now America's riots, to rationalize jailing leaders of Hong Kong's democracy movement—prominent journalists among them—to crush its freedom crusade and consolidate Beijing's control. Nor was it surprising that Belarus, ruled by its authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko, has used the virus and pro-democracy protests to jail 30 of the former Soviet republic's most influential opposition figures, including popular blogger Sergei Tikhanovsky, before a presidential election on August 9.

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New York Times op-ed revolt betrays it values, is ominous warning about censorship

June 8, 2020  •  Fox News

The resignation of James Bennet as The New York Times' editorial page editor after publishing an op-ed essay that triggered a staff revolt is an outrage.

Not only is the publisher's decision to push out Bennet and demote James Dao, his deputy, cowardly and wrongheaded, it is yet another betrayal of the paper's ostensible values and traditions. It also reflects the worst trends in American journalism.

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An epic American failure
The U.S. response to the killing of George Floyd and protests in its aftermath

June 1, 2020  •  New York Daily News

How a nation responds to a tragedy says much not only about the character of its people, but also the quality of its political leadership. The response of America's leaders on both sides of the political aisle to the killing of George Floyd and the looting and rioting it has sparked has been disappointing at best, outrageous at worst.

For those appalled by Floyd's death and the ensuing protests, mayhem and violence in 140 cities across the nation, consider another incendiary moment in American history.

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