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Two President Trumps in Poland - will the @realDonaldTrump please stand up?

July 7, 2017  •  Fox News

Two President Donald Trumps were on display in Warsaw on Thursday. On the first full day of his second international trip, President Trump gave a dark, powerful prepared speech and held a news conference in which his impromptu remarks contradicted key portions of that speech. Will the @realDonaldTrump please stand up?

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Is Israel Catching Up Too Late to a Major Strategic Threat from Iran?

June 27, 2017  •  Tablet

Israel is increasingly obsessed with a new strategic threat—the possibility that eventually it may have to fight a two-front, and even three-front, war against Iran and its proxies. According to Chagai Tzuriel, director general of Israel's intelligence ministry, Iran is now negotiating with Damascus to build a base on the Mediterranean. He called Iran's effort to build a land corridor and establish a permanent forward operating presence on the sea the "most important strategic development in the region." All the rest, he said, was "noise."

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Meet the incorruptible, nonpartisan FBI director the nation needs

June 17, 2017  •  The Hill

A search for a new permanent FBI director is well underway. Given the political firestorm sparked by the timing of and manner in which James Comey was fired, President Trump must tread carefully in seeking a replacement.

To restore lost confidence in his administration, Trump must find an extraordinary nominee to succeed Comey; a person of the highest moral standing and impeccable legal credentials. Above all, the nominee should be staunchly nonpartisan, respected by both political parties but beholden to neither and fiercely committed to the pursuit of justice.

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London terror: Make no mistake, police scored a victory in latest attack

June 4, 2017  •  Fox News

Eight minutes.

That's how long it took London police to confront and kill three terrorists after responding to reports of a white van mowing down people on London Bridge and a stabbing spree in nearby Borough Market.

The toll is terrible: 7 dead and at least 48 wounded.

But make no mistake. Amid the carnage and mayhem of this latest Saturday night massacre, England's third terrorist attack in less than three months, the British police responded impressively. Their counter-assault was swift, and deadly. The knife-wielding perpetrators, wearing fake suicide vests, were quickly neutralized.

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Terror United

May 24, 2017  •  City Journal

This much is now known about the Manchester arena suicide bombing, the deadliest terrorist attack in Great Britain since 2005. The perpetrator of the attack that killed 22 people, including children as young as eight, and wounded 59 others, was Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old British citizen born in Manchester, a seemingly unremarkable university student of business and management whose parents had emigrated from Libya.

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