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The Best Little Art Colony in Texas

November 30, 2016  •  City Journal

In 2007, Marfa, Texas, population 2,485, went dark. Unable to pay the town's electricity bills, the newly elected mayor and city council voted to turn off Marfa's streetlights—all of them. "Winters here are dark and harsh," recalled Mayor Daniel P. Dunlap, who owns Marfa's sole appliance and furniture store and is now in the last year of his fifth two-year term as mayor. "We went six months that winter without lights. Folks were mighty unhappy." After raising utility rates and replacing power-guzzling bulbs with more efficient substitutes, Dunlap was able to restore the lighting in stages, light by light, street by street, starting with those lining the bus route of its only public school.

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Will They Help Trump?

November 16, 2016  •  City Journal

The soul-searching among Republicans disenchanted with President-elect Donald J. Trump intensified this week as Brent Scowcroft, a pillar of the Republican national security establishment, called upon fellow Republicans, and Democrats, to put country above political party and accept posts in the incoming administration, if asked to do so.

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An Arab disgrace – Middle Eastern leaders snub Shimon Peres one last time

September 29, 2016  •  Fox News

While Israelis and much of the world mourned the death of Shimon Peres, Arab governments and commentators remained largely silent or attacked the former Israeli president and prime minister who called himself their "partner in peace."

By Wednesday night, not a single Arab leader had announced his intention to join President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis, the U.K.'s Prince Charles and French President Francois Hollande at Peres' state funeral in Israel on Friday.

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What a difference a year makes -- Trump, Russia and Ukraine

September 16, 2016  •  Fox News

KIEV, Ukraine – What a difference a year makes.

Last year, Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman who was then leading the Republican presidential field in the polls, was all for defending Ukraine against Russian aggression.

In an unusual appearance by satellite last September, Mr. Trump told a gathering of the European elite in the Ukrainian capital that America and Europe should be doing far more to support the struggling country.

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Yes, America is safer 15 years after 9/11. Here's why

September 10, 2016

Are we safer? That is the inevitable question being asked 15 years and a trillion dollars spent in the name of national security after 9/11, the most devastating foreign attack ever on American soil.

Yes. Of course we are safer.

The Freedom Tower rising over what was once rubble signals not only the reshaping of New York's skyline but the nation's security and psychological contours as well.

In a cover article in the Atlantic, Steven Brill outlines the extraordinary progress and extravagant failures of America's 15-year effort to ensure that terrorists will never again be able to inflict such carnage.

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