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Obama meeting with Putin snubs ally Egypt

September 27, 2015  •  The Washington Times

Pity America's embattled allies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East when President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet at the United Nations Monday.

While Mr. Obama insists on welcoming the Russian autocrat whom the West has sanctioned for invading his neighbors and repressing his own people, he has refused to meet the president of Egypt, the most populous Arab nation and a traditional American ally that is battling Islamic extremists on two fronts.

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A "Step in the Right Direction" at the Port Authority

September 25, 2015  •  City Journal

On Thursday, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved the first internal conflict-of-interest code in the bi-state agency's 94-year history and significantly strengthened its protections of whistleblowers. The standards are voluntary, but they establish specific guidelines that the agency's commissioners, employees, and thousands of vendors will be expected to follow. Several of the authority's 12 commissioners praised the new code, echoing chairman John J. Degnan, formerly a vice chairman of the Chubb Corporation and a New Jersey attorney general, who called it "a step in the right direction."

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Are Iranian Military Bases Off-Limits to Inspection?

September 8, 2015  •  RealClearPolitics

"[T]he strongest nonproliferation agreement ever negotiated," boasted President Obama of his Iran agreement, pledging that the International Atomic Energy Agency "will have access where necessary, when necessary."

This turns out to be far from the "anytime, anywhere" inspections promised by his energy secretary and deputy national security adviser in April, however. By July, Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman dismissed such talk as "rhetorical flourish" and Secretary of State John Kerry said, "This is a term that honestly I never heard in the four years that we were negotiating."

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Why Those Secret Iran Side Deals Matter

August 24, 2015  •  RealClearPolitics

It is past time to disclose and explain Iran's secret deals with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Although the White House has downplayed the importance of these arrangements, calling them "side deals," they raise questions that go to the heart of President Obama's claim that the agreement the six leading powers struck with Iran will deny it a bomb for at least 10 to15 years. These "side" understandings are crucial to evaluating the potential effectiveness of the July agreement, although Secretary of State John Kerry claims not to have read them. A draft of one of them has leaked to the Associated Press, but it raises more questions than it answers.

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How Congress Could Make the Iran Deal Work

August 5, 2015  •  RealClearPolitics

Sen. Bob Corker and Secretary of State John Kerry are both right about the Iran nuclear deal. We were "fleeced," as Corker claims. And outright rejection by Congress, as Kerry asserts, would damage U.S. interests.

Statements by Kerry and his fellow Obama administration cabinet officials, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, highlight the innovations, concessions, and weaknesses of the "deal" that emerged from two years of talks with the Iranians, who are descendants of the earliest chess players.

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