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Lonely Ukraine

September 16, 2014  •  City Journal

There was no shortage of heartfelt pledges of support for Ukraine's embattled government from diplomats, officials, scholars, and journalists this weekend in Kiev at the 11th annual gathering of the Yalta European Strategy conference, or YES, a kind of Davos East. But as conferees nibbled on canap├ęs and raised glasses to Ukraine's valiant struggle against Russian aggression, evidence mounts that Ukraine is likely to remain alone in its existential struggle for freedom and sovereignty.

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Ukraine president: no military solution to conflict with Russia

September 12, 2014  •  Fox News

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Friday that there was no military solution to his country's conflict with Russia and that Ukraine needed European economic and political support to help avoid an escalation.

The Ukrainian president, who struck a cease-fire with Russia last Friday, said he intends to give Russian-backed Ukrainian separatists in the east greater autonomy over their domestic affairs and that he hoped his "fragile" cease-fire with Moscow would hold.

Russia, which has denied sending combat troops to Ukraine, has been withdrawing its forces, which are now estimated to have dropped to as low as 1,000.

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The risks of Israel's Gaza incursion

July 18, 2014  •  Fox News

While Israel has demonstrated enormous strategic patience with Hamas' over 1,500 rocket attacks which sent some two-thirds of Israelis into bomb shelters, the potential cost to Israel of even a limited ground incursion in northern Gaza -- the death of more Palestinian civilians, the loss or kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, and a further erosion of Israel's international standing -- could be high.

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A dramatic shift in Middle East alliances: Egypt, Israel and Hamas

July 17, 2014  •  Fox News

Egypt's initial failed effort to mediate an end to the latest confrontation between Israel and Hamas reflects a dramatic shift in Middle Eastern alliances since the last eruption of intense violence between Palestinians and Israelis, the third in nearly six years.

In November, 2012. Egypt was able to leverage its warm ties with Hamas to persuade the militant Palestinian group to accept a cease fire in Gaza, which it has ruled since seizing power in 2007.

This time, Egypt's plan for restoring what the Israelis call "calm for calm" was quickly endorsed by Israel, the United States, and the Arab League. But it was rejected by Hamas, which loudly complained that Egypt had not consulted the group in advance.

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Commissioner Candor

July 9, 2014  •  City Journal

Like well-behaved children in Victorian times, commissioners at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are expected to be seen and not heard. For most of its 93-year history, in fact, the Port Authority's 12 commissioners, who oversee New York and New Jersey's transportation networks, have resisted airing their often profound differences in public. But this spring, Kenneth Lipper, whom New York governor Andrew Cuomo appointed to the board last year, went off the reservation.

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