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America on Edge

Winter 2016  •  City Journal

America was on edge during the holiday season. The mass shooting in San Bernardino by an Islamic married couple, which killed 14 people, was the deadliest terror strike in the United States since 9/11. It followed the dramatic suicide attacks in Paris, the downing of a Russian plane in Egypt, and an assault on a hotel favored by Westerners in far-flung Bamako, Mali. In mid-December, Los Angeles shut down its 1,087 schools for a day, after receiving a terror threat.

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What can US do about North Korea?
Six options after 'hydrogen bomb' test

January 7, 2016  •  Fox News

In claiming to have tested a small hydrogen bomb, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has given President Obama cause for frustration and tears, but few options likely to counter an enhanced threat from the hermit kingdom.

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IAEA nuclear agreement meeting: Will Iran honor its promises?

December 14, 2015  •  Fox News

Is Iran's past – its habit of cheating on its international nuclear agreements -- prologue? Should the Obama Administration accept Iran's lies about its earlier efforts to design and develop a bomb in exchange for insisting on its strict compliance with the new deal it has made limiting the size, scale and nature of its nuclear program?

This is the crucial issue at stake when the United Nations' nuclear watchdog, the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, meets Tuesday to remove the last obstacles to lifting sanctions against Iran and unfreezing some $100 billion in Iran's oil revenue in banks throughout the world.

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What Would Jane Say?

Autumn 2015  •  City Journal

A scrawny tree grows on Broome Street in downtown Manhattan, its presence modest and easy to miss. No plaque informs passersby that the tree was planted in honor of Jane Jacobs, the writer and activist whose advocacy and ideas about how cities thrive saved not only this street but all of SoHo, Washington Square, and much of Greenwich Village from destruction. The tree commemorates Jacobs's now-legendary (and victorious) nine-year battle with her nemesis, city planner Robert Moses, the champion of vast urban-renewal efforts that tore up entire neighborhoods in favor of bridges, expressways, and gigantic public-housing projects. Moses's initiatives, which included trying to make New York more automobile-friendly, made him, for Jacobs, "the master obliterator"—a slayer of cities.

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America the Vulnerable
Can it happen here? Yes.

November 23, 2015  •  City Journal

The toll of Islamist carnage keeps growing: 130 killed and 352 injured in Paris; 229 mostly Russian airline passengers killed in the skies over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula; 19 dead in Bamako, Mali, at the Radisson Blu, a hotel favored by Westerners. Germany has confirmed that plots to kill hundreds more were disrupted in the nick of time. France has extended its state of emergency for three months. Over the weekend, Brussels was virtually locked down as police hunted for suspects linked to the Paris attacks, who may be preparing another operation in Belgium, home of the European Union. Such assaults throughout the Middle East, Africa, and now Europe prompt an all-too-familiar question: Can militant Islamist terrorists strike the United States again?

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