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Sexism hindered, and helped, me

April 21, 2015  •  Los Angeles Times

I got my job as a reporter at the New York Times in 1977 partly because I was a woman. Some said that I lost my job at the paper almost 30 years later for the same reason, but, while I was certainly affected by sexism, my departure was another story entirely.

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The Iraq War and Stubborn Myths

April 3, 2015  •  Wall Street Journal

I took America to war in Iraq. It was all me.

OK, I had some help from a duplicitous vice president, Dick Cheney. Then there was George W. Bush, a gullible president who could barely locate Iraq on a map and who wanted to avenge his father and enrich his friends in the oil business. And don't forget the neoconservatives in the White House and the Pentagon who fed cherry-picked intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, or WMD, to reporters like me.

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Was the 'Klinghoffer' Premiere an 'Operatic Kristallnacht'?

October 23, 2014  •  Tablet Magazine

You don't have to be Jewish or know anything about opera to have an opinion about whether Metropolitan Opera general manager Peter Gelb should have had his head examined for staging a new production of The Death of Klinghoffer. Judging by the outpouring of reaction to the opera's performance Monday night, few New Yorkers, Jewish or goyish, seemed indifferent to John Adams's 1991 opera about the 1985 hijacking, by Palestinians, of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro, and their murder of a 69-year old, wheel-chair-bound passenger.

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October 17, 2014  •  City Journal

Law enforcement officials in New York and Washington criticized technology superpowers Google and Apple this week for selling cell phones and other devices that cannot be accessed by the government, warning that such technology jeopardizes public safety. In his first major policy address, FBI director James B. Comey called on Congress and the Obama administration to counter the expanding use of such devices, which he and other law enforcement officials assert endanger efforts to prevent terrorism and fight crime. Without lawful government access to cell phones and Internet devices, Comey warned, "homicide cases could be stalled, suspects could walk free, and child exploitation victims might not be identified or recovered."

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ISIS threat: America ignores growing anarchy in Iraq at its peril

October 15, 2014  •  Fox News

A very prominent Iraqi --a former senior official and ambassador, now out of Iraq -- called the other day to relay the urgent dilemma of his cousins, who live outside Haditha, a Sunni stronghold in western Iraq.

Haditha is the site of a critical dam across the Euphrates that was in U.S. news a month ago when it became a priority for U.S. airstrikes after ISIS seized it. After Kurdish forces, backed by U.S. air strikes, pushed the militant jihadis back, U.S. attention shifted. But ISIS is back, now threatening Haditha.

The dam itself is defended by the Iraqi Army. The surrounding area is defended -- to the extent it can be -- by local Sunni tribal groups.

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