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America the Vulnerable
Can it happen here? Yes.

November 23, 2015  •  City Journal

The toll of Islamist carnage keeps growing: 130 killed and 352 injured in Paris; 229 mostly Russian airline passengers killed in the skies over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula; 19 dead in Bamako, Mali, at the Radisson Blu, a hotel favored by Westerners. Germany has confirmed that plots to kill hundreds more were disrupted in the nick of time. France has extended its state of emergency for three months. Over the weekend, Brussels was virtually locked down as police hunted for suspects linked to the Paris attacks, who may be preparing another operation in Belgium, home of the European Union. Such assaults throughout the Middle East, Africa, and now Europe prompt an all-too-familiar question: Can militant Islamist terrorists strike the United States again?

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Egypt claims it's safe after Russian jet crash, but won't call it terror

November 18, 2015  •  Fox News

While Egyptian officials have resisted publicly endorsing Russia's claim that a bomb destroyed a Russian jetliner near the Sharm el-Sheikh resort, Egypt has begun arresting Egyptians suspected of having helped stage the terrorist attack and have bolstered security at all major airports.

Reuters reported that two employees of Sharm el-Sheikh airport have been detained for questioning after the downing of the jet that killed all 224 people aboard. And Egypt's minister of tourism said that Cairo has implemented new security measures at Sharm el-Sheikh and other international airports to assure tourists that Egypt is safe in the wake of the crash in late October.

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'Spotlight' Shows a Community at Its Worst, and Journalism at Its Best

November 5, 2015  •  Tablet

Spotlight is powerful docudrama about how the Boston Globe's investigative team, known as "spotlight," exposed priests in the Boston Catholic diocese who had sexually abused Boston children for decades. Written by Thomas McCarthy and Josh Singer, directed by McCarthy, and exquisitely acted, the film tells the story behind the story—how the paper uncovered the Catholic Church's cover-up of a scandal that was hiding in plain sight, indeed, in the Globe's own archives.

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Biased coverage of Israeli-Palestinian 'violence'
When terror becomes 'tensions'

October 16, 2015  •  Fox News

If you are seeking an example of bias in the media's coverage of what journalists are calling the latest round of Israeli-Palestinian "violence," consider the case of Ahmad Manasra.

In an angry speech on Wednesday night, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, appealed for calm but accused Israeli security forces of killing Palestinian boys "in cold blood," singling out the 13-year-old Manasra as one of the Palestinian youths Israel had "executed."

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Obama meeting with Putin snubs ally Egypt

September 27, 2015  •  The Washington Times

Pity America's embattled allies in Eastern Europe and the Middle East when President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet at the United Nations Monday.

While Mr. Obama insists on welcoming the Russian autocrat whom the West has sanctioned for invading his neighbors and repressing his own people, he has refused to meet the president of Egypt, the most populous Arab nation and a traditional American ally that is battling Islamic extremists on two fronts.

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