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Turkey's election results were a big surprise. What's next?

June 9, 2015  •  Fox News

Make no mistake: Turkey's 76 million people, 86 percent of whom cast votes in the national parliamentary election Sunday, delivered a stunning rebuke to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Islamist who has dominated Turkish politics as prime minister and now president for the past 13 years. Turkish voters ended his government's 13-year majority rule – and perhaps his effort to consolidate even more personal power -- by giving his Justice and Development Party, the AKP, less than 41 percent of the vote, about half of what the party won in the last general election in 2011.

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Turkey general election: What's at stake and why it matters

June 5, 2015  •  Fox News

Turkey's national parliamentary election on June 7th matters. The future direction of one of the Middle East's strongest, most economically successful, most populous countries is at stake.

While President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's name is not on the ballot, this Sunday's general election may determine whether the most accomplished vote-getter in Turkish history, its three-time elected prime minister and elected president since August is likely to become even stronger, as well as the most dominant political figure since Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the secular founder of modern Turkey.

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The Jihad At Home

May 6, 2015  •  City Journal

Fortunately, no innocent people died in the militant Islamic terror attack Sunday night in Garland, Texas, where an anti-Islamist organization was holding a Mohammed cartoon-drawing contest. The two wannabe Jihadists, armed with assault rifles and body armor, proved no match for an off-duty Texas traffic cop, who shot them dead with his pistol. But had the "homegrown" terrorists been more numerous, better trained, or better armed, the attack might have proved as deadly as that on Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine where 12 people were murdered in January. Mitchell Silber, the former director of counterterrorism research for the New York Police Department and now with K2 Intelligence, a consulting group, called the Garland strike the "first ISIS-inspired terror attack on U.S. soil."

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Sexism hindered, and helped, me

April 21, 2015  •  Los Angeles Times

I got my job as a reporter at the New York Times in 1977 partly because I was a woman. Some said that I lost my job at the paper almost 30 years later for the same reason, but, while I was certainly affected by sexism, my departure was another story entirely.

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The Iraq War and Stubborn Myths

April 3, 2015  •  Wall Street Journal

I took America to war in Iraq. It was all me.

OK, I had some help from a duplicitous vice president, Dick Cheney. Then there was George W. Bush, a gullible president who could barely locate Iraq on a map and who wanted to avenge his father and enrich his friends in the oil business. And don't forget the neoconservatives in the White House and the Pentagon who fed cherry-picked intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, or WMD, to reporters like me.

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