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Judith Miller
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Title Publication Date
Don't expect a new Middle East war between the states, says Israel's Shimon Peres Fox News September 23, 2013
Media handling of national security leak issue Fox News June 8, 2012
Media down on Obama? Fox News April 26, 2012
Bias Bash: Pulitzers for nothing? Fox News April 20, 2012
Congress to investigate secret service prostitution scandal Fox News April 15, 2012
Poll: Reagan & Clinton best of recent presidents Fox News February 20, 2012
Santorum: I was not questioning the President's Christianity Fox News February 19, 2012
Media handling of Whitney Houston's death Fox News February 17, 2012
Is the media pushing for war? Fox News February 16, 2012
Dramatic escalation between Israel, Iran Fox News February 14, 2012
The view from the Gulf: America's quiet go-between speaks Fox News January 31, 2012
Media Target: Newt Fox News December 17, 2011
Bias Bash: End of the Iraq War Fox News December 15, 2011
Boy Suspended From School After Calling Teacher 'Cute' Fox News December 12, 2011
Bachmann: Girls Don't Ask Guys Out on Dates Fox News December 11, 2011
Bias Bash: Media Reaction to Herman Cain Fox News December 1, 2011
FAA Crafting Rules for Drone Planes in U.S. Fox News: Fox & Friends November 27, 2011
Bachmann Campaign Accuses CBS News of Bias Fox News November 13, 2011
Elmo: New Weapon in War on Terror? Fox News: Fox & Friends November 3, 2011
Libya's prospects, after Qaddafi's killing WLS 890AM October 20, 2011
NPR's Left-Leaning Coverage? Fox News: Bias Bash March 9, 2011
Saudi Bomb Plotter Faces Federal Court Fox News February 26, 2011
U.S. Intel Reports Less Optimistic on Afghan War Fox News: Studio B December 16, 2010
Afghan President Admits Receiving "Bags of Money" from Iran Fox News October 27, 2010
Bill Patrick III, U.S. Bio-Terror Expert Dies Fox News: Fox and Friends October 13, 2010
Sen. Lieberman: Use force "if me must" to stop Iran nuclear weapon Fox News: Studio B September 29, 2010
Fueling of Iranian Nuclear Reactor Raises New Fears Fox News: Studio B August 20, 2010
Leaked Docs: Iran Supplied Weapons to Afghan Militants Fox News: Studio B July 27, 2010
Strike or Sanctions? Fox News: Studio B October 2, 2009
Iran: What Next? Fox News: Studio B June 23, 2009
Is a new kind of networking inspiring and directing homegrown terror? Fox News: Live Desk May 22, 2009
Some 'Enchanted' Evening Fox News May 2, 2009
Swine Flu: Are we ready? Fox News: Studio B April 27, 2009
Hallmark Holiday? Fox News April 26, 2009
Interrogation Memos Fox News April 26, 2009
Weighing in on Torture Fox News: Studio B April 22, 2009
New Obama AfPak Strategy: Focus on beating Al Qaeda and its Taliban Allies Fox News March 30, 2009
Panel on President Obama's Health Care Push; Iran's Nuclear Ambition Fox News: Special Report March 6, 2009
U.N. Report: Iran has enough fuel to build a nuclear weapon Fox News February 20, 2009
Rebuilding Iraq: The significance of peaceful elections Fox News February 2, 2009
Will Timothy Geithner be Treasury Secretary? Fox News: Fox and Friends January 18, 2009
Osama bin Laden's latest recording Fox News: Studio B January 14, 2009
Is Hillary Clinton getting a free pass? Fox News: Your World January 13, 2009
Security Overhaul Fox News January 8, 2009
Past, Present, and Future of the Middle East Conflict Fox News January 4, 2009
A Look Forward Fox News: Fox and Friends December 28, 2008
Saddam's Cousin "Chemical Ali" Gets 2nd Death Sentence Fox News December 2, 2008
President-Elect Obama Names Hillary Clinton to State Post Fox News December 1, 2008
Interview with Judith Miller and Tariq Ali GRITtv September 18, 2008
Hunting bin Laden PBS Frontline September 12, 2008
A Conversation with Shimon Peres City Journal July 25, 2007
Interview with Massoud Barzani The Wall Street Journal October 28, 2006
News War: Interview with Judith Miller PBS Frontline July 13, 2006


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