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Israel-Palestinian conflict – why violence has real consequences for Israel's Arabs, Hamas

May 13, 2021  •  Fox News

When Middle Eastern summer heat coincided earlier this week with Muslim holy days and a long-simmering property dispute in Jerusalem, the result was predictably explosive.

So far, dozens of Palestinians and six Israelis have died in the exchange of the rockets fired at Israeli civilians by Hamas from Gaza and Israel's retaliatory air strikes on Gazan military targets. But there are unprecedented aspects to the latest round of violence, the worst in seven years, that deeply trouble Israelis.

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Is Iran's Supreme Leader near death? Why the answer is supremely important.

May 8, 2021  •  Fox News

Could Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei be near death? American and Israeli Intelligence analysts have been debating the state of the Iranian political and spiritual leader's health since Khamenei posted a tweet Wednesday asking supporters to pray for him.

The tweet – "I ask all of you dear ones to pray for me" – appeared on @khamenei_ir, a Twitter site in English closely followed by Iran watchers and viewed as more or less official.

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Elites and New York's Future

April 28, 2021  •  City Journal

New York City's problems make for depressing front-page news. More than 11 percent of its jobs have vanished. Small shops are shuttered. Residents are fleeing. The city's tax base has shrunk, just as its needs and crime rates soar. The celebrated melting pot is no longer melting. Over 30 percent of city residents receive public assistance. The mayor tries hiding New York's dire fiscal straits, including its dwindling economic base and rising taxes, through accounting shenanigans, as the city's deficit and long-term debt spiral.

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Biden's actions on Syria, Saudi Arabia, signal a new day in the Middle East in 2 major ways

March 1, 2021  •  Fox News

It's a new day in the Middle East and in Washington. While the contours of President Joe Biden's Mideast policies are still being formulated, his administration took two important actions in as many days that highlight not only his goals for the region but also his red lines.

On Friday, the administration implemented a law passed by Congress which former President Trump had ignored requiring the declassification of an intelligence report on the brutal killing and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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Broadway's Dark Year

February 22, 2021  •  City Journal

No industry in New York City has been hit as hard by Covid-19 as theater, and no industry is said to be as vital to the city's recovery. But the much-heralded, long-awaited reopening of Broadway remains largely aspirational. When the pandemic shuttered New York's theaters on March 12, 2020, performing-arts professionals hoped for a summer revival. As the virus spread, prospects for a reopening in the fall gave way to hope for non-virtual theater by January 2021, and then for summer 2021. Last October, the Broadway League predicted that New York theaters would finally reopen in fall 2021. In January, Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious-disease expert, made the target date vaguer by telling performing-arts professionals at a virtual conference that he thought that theaters could safely reopen "sometime in the fall of 2021," with patrons still wearing masks and social distancing, "if everything goes right."

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